Recent legislation The Care Act [2014] promotes the need for real personalisation to be the way of working in the social care sector. Whilst some in the sector are finding it easier to go back to business as normal, others are taking it up as an opportunity to embed real personalisation that understands and provides personalised care and support.

This blog provides an insight into the amount of time and resources that are deemed essential in order to develop and embed a way of working that incorporates everyone working together feeling valued and respected.

One point that stands out is that person centred care starts with person centred thinking. This is a culture change that needs to be taught and shaped using co-production.  As a carer I can relate to this way of working, as carers gain the skills to become personal commissioners in their own right. Formal and informal carers piece together services; we become the experts on how services work. Why are carers still not listened to?

Peers need to be supported and listened to if building community capacity is the way forward. Success will only come if we are all walking the mountain instead of just talking the mountain…