Peter Fuda is someone who has built, from his extensive research, many helpful evidence-based models to help you think about organisational change.  He is someone those of us involved in improving healthcare are increasingly looking to for useful insights from other industries worldwide. In this blog, he reflects on the ‘levers’ that leaders can employ when they are undergoing a change process.  These are both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ but the most important – allocated a score which is the sum of all the others – is the leadership lever.  This is so important that it can act both as an accelerator, or perhaps a handbrake, to any change process.

What the blog argues is that evidence shows that most organisations and their leaders are prepared to accept mediocrity in many of the areas highlighted by his levers – not a good place to be.  But he also shows from evidence in organisations that have made significant positive changes that mostly it only takes very small changes to make a big difference which is good news for all of us.  He describes these organisations which no longer tolerate mediocrity as being  “ led by people who have learned to dance with the chaos of today’s world, professionally and personally”. A great phrase.  These are individuals who have “raised standards for themselves and their colleagues” – in fact, looking for an article elsewhere in this issue of The Edge – they have recognised that ‘Change starts with me’ – something we can all do.