The need for a two way relationship between HCPs and individual patients and communities is discussed in these two pieces.

Active patient Cancer Geek blogs about the coin he has created as “social currency” in order to give tangible recognition to patients and professionals working together to co create the best possible patient experience based on four “T”s of Time, Trust Transparency and Transition.

The video features members of “The Collaborative Health Network in the US talking with people from the Time banking community about how time banks can be a catalyst for transformation in healthcare by focusing on what people can do, on their assets as well as their needs. Everyone has something of value even if it is simply giving time….

The medical model was founded on a premise of patient passively receiving the benefits of professional expertise and we increasingly recognise the limitations of that approach. These days we increasingly see health and well-being as something that is co created in partnership. This means re-framing the nature of the relationships we have with healthcare professionals to something that is more about give and take and equal value lived and professional expertise.

Both the global movement of Time banking and the individual initiative of Cancer Geek provide practical tools to enable this to happen.