It can get people into big trouble, there are fears about breaking confidentiality and talk of white knights who continue to try to invite people to have a go. Demand for our time continues to rise which puts pressure on health care services to cope. This article talks about a group in the Philippines fighting back, talking about “people, not as mere patients but as partners in their personal care” using social media as an opportunity for people to learn more, finishing off with a great manifesto and a declaration. Here is our own talk at West Pennine Local Medical Committee AGM with a practice manager describing her own experience too ( We overcome fear by becoming better informed, educated, learning from others who are doing it well and doing it together! Let’s be social!

Amir HannanContextual piece by Doctor Amir Hannan @amirhannan

Amir is a GP at Haughton Thronley Medical centre in Hyde and a board member of Tameside and Glossop CCG where he leads on long-term conditions, information management and technology and patient engagement/empowerment.