‘What kind of thinker are you?’ This is an interesting and thought provoking article that puts the spotlight on understanding how people ‘think’ rather than what they ‘do’ within their team. ‘Its people who ultimately make the difference’ to the team and it makes sense to be aware of the different ‘thinking’ dynamics to build an optimised and successful collaborative team.

The article offers a three-step method to evaluate the workplace thinking style of the team, looking at focus, orientation and then combining the two. For me, the strength of the article is that it spotlights the importance of understanding how people within the team think. I feel the evaluation approach may be too simplistic as people’s thinking styles are likely to be much more blended across the focus and orientation categories. It would be interesting to see more examples of how successful other teams may have found the evaluation approach in practice.

I feel that there is great value to be gained from understanding collaborative working in teams through the lens of thinking as well as what they do.