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Picked by: @CarolLRead

Movies entertain us, challenge existing concepts and bring out strong emotions through the telling of a digital story. If you need an excuse to re-watch one of the classic childhood films which explores the themes of alienation, friendship, identity and resilience, go ahead and treat it as change agent research.

Greg Satell @Digitaltonto explores what makes a viral hit by reviewing the story within a story of ET and use of Hershey ‘Reese’s Pieces’. The somewhat controversial idea of product placement highlights key knowledge points for anyone wanting to use digital stories to bring about change.

Change agents are passionate about making a difference and challenging the status quo. To engage others we need to use narrative devices, similar to the use of ‘Reese’s Pieces’ in ET to make the story of change vibrant and encourage others to be part of wider social connection and conversation. The article highlights the powerful impact of an engaging story that becomes a viral hit. Many more options exist now e.g. YouTube, Google Hangouts, blogs, Steller, Haiku Decks, Storify, and Flipboard to tell our digital stories of compassionate care and transformational change in health and social care.

Digital stories of transformational change are circulated via social movements such as NHS Change Day @NHSChangeday bringing patients, carers, people working in health and social care together into a wider conversation without hierarchical barriers. Pledges have become the unexpected narrative device for NHS Change Day and School for Health and Care Radicals connecting individuals all over the world this year. The Edge builds on this dynamic work and provides a social connection point to change pledges to action and works as a narrative device in the NHS Change story – as anyone can be at The Edge.

The Edge is evolving and will be shaped by your collaboration, insight and energy. Please join in, comment, Tweet, share and tell us what you think. The Edge will only be as good or useful as the connectivity it helps create.