I love the message in this video. That good ideas come from sharing and connecting, allowing the time and space for people with different ideas to come together in a permissive environment. Sharing your good ideas (and not so good ones) with other people – bounce them around, find out who has similar ideas to you, have some alternative points of view put across – that sounds so easy and simple to do! So why aren’t we doing this more? It can be difficult to make the time to think, or have time to make mistakes, let alone find the time to seek out these other wondrous beings to help us turn something not quite formed into something marvelous.

In the Co-Creation Network, we encourage our Communities of Practice to meet in safe, friendly spaces to allow the energy to think freely and explore possibilities without the pressure of having to find the solution right now. Anywhere serving coffee (preferably also cake) is recommended.

At our Basecamp events, the whole Network comes together for the day so that the Communities can see each other, learn what has worked well and what hasn’t; to spark off each other in ways that we could never have predicted. New members from any background with an interest in improving patient care are always welcome and bring fresh thinking in to the mix – our next (free) event is 20th Jan 2016 in Leeds:
http://ia-cocreationnetwork.com/winter-basecamp-2016/ – join us!