Picked and sourced by: @JodiMBrown

Steve Denning @SteveDenning writes a compelling piece based on the similarly titled work of Gary Hamel @GaryHamelBureaucracy must die” warning us that unless we, “pull bureaucracy up by its roots“, our organisations will be rendered,

“…insipid, inertial, incremental and uninspiring.”

Using the powerful and evocative wording from Hamel’s article, take some time to ponder over these questions and what you could do, as a change activist to kill off bureaucracy in your own work processes and style. Then think about how you could influence more widely.

Points for reflection…

* To what extent does yours and others leadership feature ‘controlism‘?

* How highly is ‘conformance‘ valued in your team / organisation?

* Is your ability to ‘dream, imagine and contribute‘ welcomed or crippled?

* How do you break free of the “logic trap“? (succumbing to apathy over doing what others believe is impossible)

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