If you are in charge of making change happen in your organisation and you are frustrated with the constant reference to mechanical, programmatic, Ford approaches that reduce the spirit of change to objects then this article would interest you. I like gardening but I often get frustrated with how long it takes to move from seeding to seeing the end result. Gardeners more experienced than me invest time in selecting and growing the best products, often experiment as well as have a clear idea about the picture they want to see develop. Gary argues that change takes time particularly behavioural change which is the secret to successful change. Technical change solutions that are not connected to behavioural change and the wider ecosystem tend to fail. Why? According to Gary Lloyd organisations are interconnected and interdependent like an ecosystem. New drivers of change have altered the landscape such as digital technology which has made organisations transparent. Individuals are not machines and their commitment needs to be earned. Do you think change should take time and be more people centred or do you think in this rapid turbulent change era we need to juxtapose between this and more traditional forms of change? Interested to hear what your garden looks like?

Janet Wildman



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