Edge Talk: The key ingredient to organisational transformation, Dr Irv Rubin and Matt Stone of Temenos.

Photo 2More organisations in and out of the health and care system are reconsidering their approach to improving employee engagement and performance. Organisational transformation is taking on a more employee-as-human focus. Underneath this trend is the realisation that traditional approaches have not worked to create healthy, high-functioning teams that deliver better care. While many attempts at organisational transformation are well-intentioned, they often lack a key ingredient that is necessary for success.

In this talk, Dr Irv Rubin and Matt Stone of Temenos outlined the key (and often missing) ingredient to realising meaningful, sustainable change. They also introduced a specific communication technique that illustrates the ‘secret ingredient’ in action and they discussed effective development interventions for improved performance, engagement and the quality and safety of patient care.

Also featured:

  • the reasons why traditional approaches to improved engagement and performance have failed to deliver sustained progress
  • recent trends around organisational transformation
  • the key missing ingredient for achieving meaningful behavioural and organisational change
  • a specific communication technique for improving influence and helping another person learn and grow
  • an effective behavioural model and tool for improving the relational infrastructure of an organisation.
  • examples of how their work has supported improvements in the quality and safety of patient care.

This talk was originally broadcast on Friday 6 May, 2016.

You can view the slides on SlideShare.

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