Julian Stodd’s blog post provides a good example of developing a model of learning in public. This key skill of working out loud enables others to connect and offer their thoughts on the model at each stage of development through the hashtag. Follow this work through the ongoing posts of Julian’s blog and the hashtag #WOL.

Scaffolded social learning encompasses key skills for change agents in the 21st century- co-creation, curation, sharing and making sense of new knowledge. When we start from a position of social learning, openness and trust individuals can connect, critique and offer their curated knowledge and viewpoints.

My reflection on the model is that this would be a good approach for the new cohort of school for health care radicals #SHCR starting soon. Why not expand the process of working out loud and try out the model – real action research that could take place via the Google+ and Facebook pages of the school. Gaining the perspective of the global SHCR and The Edge community on this project could be achieved by curating and commenting on additional content on social learning as #EdgeWriters.

If you want to prototype this social learning approach or write for The Edge – contact theedge@nhsiq.nhs.uk