Talent Management in Nursing – why does it matter to frontline staff and managers in the NHS?

Friday 5 August 2016, 09.30-11.00 (GMT+)

edge tSue Haines, Nottingham University Hospital’s Assistant Director of Nursing, will address managing talent in health supported by Dr Joanne Cooper, Head of N&M Research and Kerry Taylor, Shared Governance Facilitator.

This webinar reported on the findings of an exploratory case study of Talent Management In Nursing in one Large Acute NHS Trust. This research examined the views of frontline clinical nurses and executive team members and contributes new knowledge to our understanding of TM in nursing in the NHS. There is transferable learning and opportunities for sharing across the wider healthcare workforce.

The research case study employed focus groups, one to one interviews, documentary sources and wider consultation involving 229 staff nurses.. A thematic analysis of qualitative data was utilised and findings triangulated with other data sources. Three common themes were identified; Nursing as talent, ward leadership and culture, career development.

The findings identified;

  • A lack of clear career pathways in nursing.
  • Concerns that stereotypical perspectives persist in the media about what nursing involves.
  • The influential impact of the local manager on talent development.
  • Talent can be viewed as a disruption and a need to ‘conform’ or be crushed, risk of ‘tall poppy syndrome’.
  • The need for an inclusive approach to talent management in nursing, where nurses feel valued with opportunities for education and development was identified.
  • We will report on specific case examples of actions underway within one organisation to learn and develop a more transparent and inclusive approach to talent management in order to address some of the workforce challenges facing nursing, including recruitment, retention and frontline staff engagement. Specifically this will include implementing shared governance ‘Unit Practice Councils’, work undertaken to map against the American Nurses Credentialing Centre Magnet standards for international excellence and sharing an example of a new career role for aspiring clinical leaders to enable evidence based practice in care.
  • Recommendations include a greater need to make TM important within an organization; for Directors of Nursing/Chief Nurses/Nurse Managers to develop clearer inclusive approaches to TM in nursing as a cyclical organizational process (aligned to organizational TM approaches and strategic objectives).

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