7 Behaviors That Separate Break-Out Success From Fake-Out Success

When starting to read this article I must admit to being disappointed at the lack of originality in the piece.  While the behaviours discussed are all valid and will help achieve your goals they could be summarised as work hard, with purpose and direction and never give up.

If self help books motivate you then this is a good read, while not being particularly original the author does manage to be inspirational and if you need a quick 5 minute motivational pep talk then this is right up your street.

Commentary by Paul Woodley, Programme Manager, @paulwoodley4

Teams Who Share Personal Stories Are More Effective

Storytelling has been a big part of my life, as a child I used to listen to those around me telling their stories of their lives deep sea fishing. As I read this article it made me reflect on why these stories were important.

The key reasons were:-

• It connected people as a team despite their diversity.
• Stories help others to learn from the past.
• Stories help to keep history alive and allows learning.
• Storytelling also allows emotional connectional and the.
• Most importantly storytelling is the sharing of gifts to those around us.

When was the last time you shared your story?

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