Fantastic blog by The Edge contributor Sarah Myers in which she compares the “co creation” of a family Thanksgiving meal to the dynamic behind the “collaborative improvement community” Improve Care Now in Cincinnati. ICN is a fantastic network of care centres in the US where health care professionals, researchers, patients and families all work together co productively to improve the lives of young people with Crohn’s disease and other conditions.

This blog touches on questions of in a network like this, “who leads” and “what does ‘leadership look like?” The blog talks of how this community has evolved over time from doing “for” to doing “with” the community and the resulting change in the nature of the role of the quality improvement professionals involved. These days their role is much less about solving problems and more about facilitating solutions by building bridges, curating and advocating.

As she says this can feel messy, and as such rather risky but all concerned have clearly found immense benefit from the process of standing back, ceding control and creating the right conditions for others to flourish.