There are many ways to share content online and one of the most interesting is to create your own virtual scrapbook using tools such as ‘Flipboard’. The attached article and commentary below are from our very own Carol Read and excellently demonstrates how to use this format.

Paul Woodley

Flipboard magazines are great for pulling together curated content on a subject and sharing with others in a simple way. The Edge has foundations in content curation as we aim to source fantastic content, have our networks make sense of the content for health and social care, then share this knowledge with their community. A simple idea to support big change.

This Flipboard magazine was developed to highlight the many different ways to undertake content curation. As the chief content curator for The Edge my aim has always been to seek diverse content, make people think differently about change and support the different learning styles within our community. The content covers blogs, research, videos, podcasts, infographics, Edge Talks, New Thinking, Classic, free learning and events, different tools and methods for change. A vast spread of approaches that will appeal to our readership.

If you want to follow up on content curation and how you can make it work for your organisation contact me at