View the #edgetalks from 6 October 2017, 9.30am BST to hear about Milan Guenther and John Gøtze  discussing reshaping healthcare enterprises by design.


Design initiatives have to deal with complex health and care systems in order to be successful. To cope with this challenge, healthcare enterprises must become better at understanding themselves and their environment (or ecosystem) in a holistic way, which means and appreciating things like culture, operational processes and structures, roadmaps and investments.

Without taking into account the wider ecosystem, starting a patient-centric perspective, and mapping the various moving parts of operational and organisational delivery systems, design (thinking) initiatives are bound to fall short of the expected impact: key constraints and opportunities are missed, results disappear in drawers and are forgotten, implementations are isolated and success metrics unclear.

John and Milan will share a set of techniques and examples from joint Enterprise Design and Architecture practice that can be directly applied to healthcare innovation and transformation.

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We will look at typical challenges and how to tackle them in a holistic and systemic fashion using the QualiWare modelling environment. We will share techniques for problem framing and scoping, engaging stakeholders using a shared knowledge base, and combining rapid innovation in Design Sprints.

This session draws on case studies from the presenters’ work with startups aiming to resolve key issues of today’s healthcare operations, and building a new digital megahospital in Denmark integrating service design with operational logistics systems.

Key objectives of this session include:

* Learning how to engage stakeholders, adopt patient-centric thinking and rapidly validating opportunities and solutions using Enterprise Design Sprints

* Making sense of complex healthcare environments by co-designing shared models 

* Applying these techniques to designing a new digital hospital in Denmark