Identifying the needs of any given population and creating the capacity to manage is increasingly challenging.  The origins of today’s problems can be traced back to a failure to recognise the pace of change and to respond quickly enough with new ideas and processes.  Creating a clear understanding of what is happening provides a basis for measuring the effectiveness of innovation and transformation.

In November’s #EdgeTalks Sasha Karakusevic, Horizons’ Project Director will offer an overview of hissasha Nuffield publication ‘Understanding patient flow in hospitals’,  and a reflection on the use of data to drive change in complex systems. Sasha started his career in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. Early in his career he became very interested in service improvement and health system design, focusing on the systems and processes that drive innovation and improvement. He has extensive interest and experience gained nationally and internationally in using information to drive improvement and make health systems work better”

This session is a must for anyone working in, or interested in health and social care. Participants will learn how to use data to better understand patient flow, manage demand – and engage people in translating data in to a meaningful narrative to drive transformation ‘on the ground’.

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