Collecting the ideas was only the first part of of ProjectA! The design team then had the epic task of reading every single one of the 608 ideas, with the goal of selecting 12 for further investigation. The ideas were reviewed against this criteria:

  • The extent to which the idea authentically represents the views and priorities of frontline staff AND fits with the direction and priorities of ambulance services (no idea would be fully implemented otherwise)
  • The extent to which the idea could be implemented to start to have an impact this winter
  • The size of the impact

Kick Off Slides: Innovation Burst

Participants Welcome Guide: Innovation Burst


The 12 ideas are:


Below are graphics explaining what each of the 12 ideas are. You are welcome to share these – please download them to share with colleagues, display in communal areas, for example.


You can find out more about some of the ideas in these videos:


A huge thank you to ambulance colleagues who helped us create the films.

Read more about the innovation burst.