5 Steps to create a strong BATNA for negotiating success

Stay with me – this article discusses the power base in any negotiation and the bottom line that may exist the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement, the BATNA.  As people trying to bring about change, foster innovation and support others to do the same having an awareness of this concept could make all the difference.

A large part of my current networking and face to face work is about leveling the playing field to enable successful future innovation and change that sticks. A useful article to consider as it offer an alternative view if it is your situation or could be.

Fellows connect

Alchemy indeed. Transitions, serendipity and energy of networks all evident in Carol’s blog mapping her Fellowship journey so far. This is a must read for all Fellows or ‘Fellows in Action without the title’ as it shows how momentum for doing things differently is growing – magic.

Episode: HMF November 2015 Podcast: Be careful what you ask for: Things policy-makers should know before mandating networks

Fascinating take on mandating networks in thirty minutes.  I find podcasts are useful to catch up with the latest thinking from around the world.  As a member of several networks and leading on development of The Edge network it was insightful to challenge my preconceptions about the way interactions happen.  Building on this knowledge my aim will be to connect with others to understand what the edge network needs to look like in the future.  If you would like to be part of this work please contact me through the edge email or twitter.  

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