The NHS Long Term Plan recognises that to create a healthy, high-performing system ultimately depends on our people. The scale and pervasiveness of change required to deliver the Long Term Plan are unprecedented. Midwives have a significant contribution to make in delivering 21st Century care as set out in the Interim NHS People Plan. Much depends on our ability to mobilise and engage midwives to play an active role in shaping the future, creating a workforce that positions midwifery as a high-status, high-value career of choice.

Our Chief Midwifery Officer Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent has set #PerceptionsOfMidwifery as a key priority going forwards as described in this message to ambassadors. This includes:

  • Igniting a thriving community of registered and student midwives to champion the profession and opportunities in midwifery and help transform perceptions of midwifery
  • Recruiting up to two midwives for each maternity service and one student midwife for each university to be active ambassadors for midwifery
  • Designing and deliver a programme of 30 Day challenges led locally by the ambassadors

The Midwifery Ambassador

The role of the ambassador is to lead or contribute to the local delivery of the Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery programme and to be a role model for midwifery as a confident, credible professional.

Midwifery ambassadors will help to raise awareness of the profession across the following key areas:

  • Promote Midwifery as a career of choice for young people (Recruitment and entry)
  • Enhance current midwives’ pride in the profession (Attrition)
  • Influence the (media) representation of the profession and promote the view of midwifery amongst the (public) as a highly trusted and clinically expert profession

Role descriptor – Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery Ambassadors

Being a Transforming Perceptions of Midwifery Ambassador is a voluntary role. Midwives may apply by expressing their interest to their Head of Midwifery.

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