Sourced and picked by: @CarolLRead

This article by Abhay Adhikari @gopaldass is jam-packed with excellent examples and case studies which make a strong case for the power of social media in creating dialogue, participation and real change.

Many of you from the health and care change activist community will already be fervent and prolific Tweeters, so you might already be a ‘convert’ to the benefits of social media, but what about those around you, or those on the Board or Senior Management Team in your organisation? Would they agree? This article provides you with some really solid examples that would cause even the most avid social media skeptic a hard time in asserting their case for renunciation.

Questions for your reflection:

* As a change activist, how could you leverage social media to create dialogue, participation and real change?

* How can you help people in your organisation to become more visible on social networks?

* What are your top tips to other change activists to build authentic relationships online?

* Do you share and listen in equal parts when on social networks?

* How can you show you are truly listening to your networks, and not just broadcasting?

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