Tweet chats

Tweet chats

Using the power to social media to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

What is is a tweet chat?

A tweet chat is a facilitated conversation which takes place on Twitter over a certain amount of time (e.g. one hour). Similar to crowdsourcing, you invite audiences from Twitter to share, discuss and co-produce ideas around your chosen topic. This provides a chance to build a busy, diverse community as well as in-depth data, both quantitative and qualitative.

Why use tweet chats?

  • Reach hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, quickly.
  • Have conversation with diverse people, get their opinions and build networks
  • Gain opinions on specific issues.
  • Share power and encourage working in collaborative ways.
  • Shift from passive involvement to active participation.
  • Engagement and co-production on strategy.

Recent examples of tweet chats