Welcome to NHS Horizons

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The Horizons Team

We tune into the latest change thinking and practice in healthcare and other industries around the world – translating this learning into innovative, practical approaches to change.

We positively impact people’s lives by building a generation of transformational leaders who together can tackle the biggest challenges in health, care and beyond.

A diverse team, specialists in our fields. What unites us as a team is our vision, values, and versatility.

The team has emerged through years of supporting change in the NHS and the wider health and care system.

  • Unique approaches from working in a space at ‘the edge’
  • Expertise from subject leaders with background in the NHS and related disciplines
  • Facilitating new approaches, accelerating change
  • Creating change agents and change agency – helping people find their own solutions to challenges
  • Brokering connections between the traditional ‘system’, and the ‘grassroots’, including frontline staff and service users
  • Building energy for change
  • Thought leadership, curating the latest developments in system change
  • Changing conversations.

You can find out more about who we are and what we do by exploring this site, or you can contact us or follow us on Twitter.