The School for Change Agents

The School for Change Agents

The School returns in April 2021

The School for Change Agents returns in April 2021.

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The need for us, and much of the rest of the NHS, to focus on COVID-19 meant that our planned School sessions in 2020 have been cancelled, but we are now planning to return in April 2021.

The School for Change Agents will adapt to reflect the realities of healthcare in a pandemic; but also show how a crisis can often be time the when change can often be created.

The School offers anyone who works in health and care, at whatever level and whether they are clinical or non-clinical, the opportunity to take their desire to see change happen and make it a reality.

We believe that the School for Change Agents has an important role to play as we look at the longer-term impact of this pandemic. Coming together as a massive, open, online community can help our NHS people to make sense of what has happened. It will also give much-needed support to those who want to learn more about how to embed, or even expand, some of the positive transformations in public services that have arisen as a result of this crisis.

We also know that there are communities far wider than the NHS that are responding to the Coronavirus challenge, from other statutory services, charities and informal mutual aid groups. Too often we’ve talked about the need for the NHS to work with these communities as equals. Too often that stated ambition doesn’t match the reality.

So, we’ve committed to inviting everyone who is responding to Coronavirus to be members of the School for Change Agents community: to teach us as much as to learn from us. If we all learn together, we will build relationships and create networks that will truly integrate health into the rest of our society.