Meet the team

Meet the team

The people who make NHS Horizons happen.

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Ian Baines

Associate – Transformation

Ian Baines

Ian is an accountant by background. Throughout his professional ‘numbers’ career, he was passionate about supporting people and teams to realise their potential. Having been an NHS Director of Finance for seven years, Ian changed career direction in 2015 to work in organisational development supporting the integration of three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The learning experience in making this change has been both daunting and exciting and Ian is enjoying his continued transition with the NHS Horizons team. His work with NHS Horizons is varied and includes leading programmes of work, developing partnerships, providing insight into business processes, organisational development and reflection on Trust and CCG workings where needed.

Olly Benson

Programme Manager

Olly Benson

Prior to joining the NHS in 2014, Olly started his career at the BBC, where he worked as an entertainment reporter for Radio 1’s Newsbeat, and was part of the team that created The ONE Show. Olly left the BBC to work in the charity sector, working at young people’s charity Headliners, before working at digital youth information and advice charity YouthNet (now TheMix). He ran the Do-it, the UK’s national volunteering website, for five years, working as an advisor for the Gamesmaker volunteer programme as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games. After the Games, Olly led spinning out Do-it from YouthNet to become its own social-enterprise, where he was Operations Director.

As part of NHS Horizons, Olly leads on the production and development of the School for Change Agents as well as other products that NHS Horizons are creating.

Away from work, a social enterprise that uses digital technology to improve political engagement. He’s also busy being a dad to two small children. Having been born with a congenital heart condition, and had multiple operations including open heart surgery as a child, he is passionate about improving the NHS for all.

Helen Bevan

Strategic Adviser

Helen Bevan

Helen has been supporting quality improvement within the health and care system for nearly 30 years. She has led and facilitated many nationwide initiatives to improve care, including in cancer services, urgent and emergency care, services for people living with dementia and care in the community.

Helen has demonstrated a constancy of purpose and resilience to stay within the system over the years that is rare in internal change agents. She has managed to keep learning, growing and delivering change. Over time, her focus has shifted from managing big programmes of change to approaches that mobilise and build energy and commitment to change on a very large scale.

Helen has an ability to connect directly with thousands of frontline staff and patient leaders. She is one of the top social influencers in healthcare globally, reaching more than a million people each month through her social media connections, virtual presentations, commentaries and blogs.

Susann Burcher

Diary, Event & Project Officer

Susann has recently joined the Horizons team as the Diary, Event and Project Officer for Helen Bevan.  Prior to this Susann worked in the Nursing Directorate as Business Support for the Midlands Region.

Susann brings to the team a wealth of knowledge from working in the Public and Private sector in Bermuda. For 10 years she was employed as a Probation Officer/Case Manager for the Bermudan Government specialising in assessments of clients with Substance misuse/abuse issues and making recommendation for treatment as needed. Susann was the Deputy Director for the Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education (PRIDE) a Substance Abuse Prevention Charity, which facilitated educational programs and conference for youth and adults.  Susann has designed and facilitated workshops as a trained trainer working for 5 years in a banking institution as a Training Manager.

Susann has an Undergraduate degree in Sociology with emphasis in Social Work and a dual-Master’s degree in Management and Human Resource Development.  Susann has a certification in Supervisory Management and Organisational Development.

Outside of work, Susann enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling, and watching films. 

Rosanna Hunt

Associate – OD and Transformational Change

Rosanna Hunt

Rosanna has a blend of experience in Organisational Development (OD) evaluation and research. One of her day-to-day jobs in NHS Horizons is to evaluate new tools and methodologies so we can understand whether they help achieve change agency within and outside the NHS. Often, this means testing out these new tools with our very own team members!

Rosanna has a particular interest in helping teams to enhance their well-being. She and has published in this area, and won an award for this work. She enjoys co-designing interventions with teams, facilitating events and coaching leaders. Rosanna is a perpetual student with a Psychology Ph.D. and a CIPD certificate in the Psychology of Organisational Development and Change. Rosanna has published one co-authored book, nine peer-reviewed journal publications, four book chapters and two articles for a national newspaper, and is embracing the blogging phenomenon via NHS Horizons’ Passle platform.

Outside of work, Rosanna enjoys running, gardening, yoga and meditation as well as running about after her three young children.

Rupal Johal

Project Manager

Rupal Johal

Rupal has years of experience in project management office positions after completing her PRINCE2 qualification, working in a number of sectors including digital marketing, finance, business coaching, engineering and now healthcare. She enjoys learning new and innovative ways of working and is keen to help develop new processes that make work experiences more collaborative and productive. Rupal has a keen interest in learning about strategic co-production methodologies and has started to attain first-hand experience in understanding those principles futher.

Outside of work, Rupal enjoys travelling and has a bucket list of all the places that she would like to explore. She is a mother to two young daughters and spends much of her spare time doing jigsaws, painting, junk modelling and cooking with them. Rupal finds reading the best way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; she also enjoys watching suspense films and dramas.

Sasha Karakusevic

Project Director

Sasha Karakusevic

Sasha started his career in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. Whilst learning about the intricacies of clinical care he found the challenges of how to organise a health system even more compelling. He spent more than 20 years working on integrated care in South Devon developing an internationally-recognised system. Realising that even this system would not be good enough to deal with the demographic and economic pressures facing us today he started to explore how to significantly improve health system productivity. This led to establishing a Health Innovation Education Cluster, working with the Nuffield Trust and working with the NHS Horizons team to support teams delivering large scale transformation. Sasha combines his clinical, operational and strategic experience to design and facilitate large scale transformation programmes.

Sasha uses his experience of leading transformation to design and deliver local, regional and national programmes. He designs and facilitates transformation processes to secure active involvement in change.

Outside work Sasha loves outside pursuits including sailing, skiing and exploring the world.

Leigh Kendall

Programme Lead (Social Influence)

Leigh helps enable people to get involved with positive change: she is always seeking new, creative and innovative ways of conveying often complex concepts to encourage, empower, and mobilise diverse communities, such as using sketchnotes and social media to bridge networks.

Leigh is an award-winning writer (Tommy’s Mum’s Voice Award, 2016). In 2015 she was included in the HSJ list of 50 Patient Leaders and in 2017, Leigh was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

She brings more than a decade’s experience of NHS communications in provider and commissioning organisations. Leigh is also a qualified level 7 executive coach.

In her spare time, Leigh enjoys running around the countryside, and is a huge advocate of parkrun.

Diane Ketley

Associate, Development and Evaluation

Daine Ketley

Diane originally trained and worked as a pharmacist in acute teaching hospitals in the UK and USA. She then moved into the field of NHS innovation and improvement working at a local level and then in national organisations including as Head of Research and Evaluation at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. Diane was a founder member of the NICE technology appraisals committee.

Diane’s academic interest in healthcare has involved a part-time PhD (School of Medicine, University of Leicester), Honorary Lectureships at several universities and membership of the SAPPHIRE (Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research) Group where she led the establishment of an improvement collaboration across all NHS and academic institutions in Leicestershire (LIIPS).

As a qualified coach, Diane supports others to achieve their best through supportive challenge reflecting the needs of the individual.

Elaine King

Delivery Support Manager

Elaine works as the Delivery Support Manager ensuring Horizons programmes and projects are resourced and aligned with colleagues’ experience, skills, and knowledge. Elaine also supports a variety of projects and programmes and provides expert technical and facilitation for virtual meetings and events. 

Prior to joining the NHS, Elaine worked as a project manager for the Perinatal Programme at HEE South East, events management and administrative roles. Elaine successfully led a three-year project supporting refugee family units in education and entrepreneurship with nine partners across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Outside of work, Elaine loves travelling, cycling, and relaxing in the garden with her dog and partner.

Zoë Lord

Deputy Director

Zoë Lord

Zoë is motivated by her passion to make a positive difference and to help others to make a difference too! She started her health and care career during her teenage years by working evenings, weekends and holidays as a Care Assistant. In this role, she realised that small changes can make a huge positive difference for patients, staff and families.  After this point, her 20+ years in health and care have very much focused on leading improvement and growing other change agents.    

Zoe has worked across most clinical and non-clinical areas and has a deep expertise in the theory and practical application of large scale change and transformation.  She loves models, methods and theories and has a distinct ability to translate these for all audiences. In Horizons, she co-leads the team, specialises in strategic facilitation, accelerated design and delivery of large-scale transformation programmes.

Outside of work, Zoe loves the outdoors, walking Rocco the dog and is quite an adrenalin junkie!

Liz Maddocks-Brown


Liz has over 35 years’ experience in the public and commercial sector, as a senior manager specialising in business management, organisational change, innovation and improvement learning and development. During the most recent  29 years, her career in the NHS has focused on leading major organisational change at national, regional and local level, both in provider and commissioning organisations. Working within the Improvement Directorate , NHS England her current portfolio consists of network development, facilitation of the National Improvement Directors’ Network, accelerated large and small scale event facilitation, OD consulting, capability building design and delivery, leadership and board development, executive coaching and action learning for senior leaders.

Liz has a passion for organisational development approaches that support the creation of healthy and high performing organisations. Throughout her career she has been highly concerned with the “people aspects” and cultural elements of organisations, as they impact on the achievement of health, wellbeing and sustainable improvement in its widest sense.

Liz holds masters in management and organisational learning, a diploma in business management, is qualified as a 360 psychometric practitioner, including the NHS Leadership Framework and holds executive coaching qualifications with the University of Strathclyde and Ashridge Management School.

Anisah (Ani) Majothi

Project Officer (Social Influence)

Anisah Majothi

Ani has recently graduated with a degree in International Relations (BA Hons). Her degree has given her invaluable exposure to issues and current events related to politics, business, sociology, economics and the environment. During her time at university she was successful in completing an internship with Defence Equipment and Support (an entity of the Ministry of Defence). During her time there she took part in a APM Fundamentals of Project Management course and she hopes to extend her knowledge in the future.

Ani’s interest in the NHS and health care systems around the world came during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her studies have helped her to understand the impact of such a large global health crisis. Ani was inspired by the work that the NHS has done throughout the pandemic; this prompted her to apply to the organisation and be part of making a difference.

In her spare time Ani enjoys travelling, scenic walks, origami and extending her knowledge of political issues and current events.

Bev Matthews

Clinical Transformation Lead and Virtual Collaborate Lead

Bev Matthews

Bev is creating the conditions for nurses and midwives to have the support to build positive perceptions for themselves and their professions. She is developing a virtual community for sharing, learning, networking and connecting to reverse the current decline in recruitment and retention, using diverse approaches for engagement such as virtual hackathons, crowdsourcing and zoom sessions.

Bev is a Registered Nurse who has recently completed a Return to Practice course; she continues to remain clinically connected by working on the frontline at weekends. She was voted ‘Top Mover and Shaker’ for her work in raising awareness of the need for organ donation and transplantation, and received a Highly Commended HSJ award as part of a team developing a year of care commissioning approach for people with complex care needs.

Bev also enjoys walking her dogs, being around horses and going to the cinema.

Caroline Mayne

Office Administrator

Caroline Mayne

Caroline has worked within administration for more than 14 years for large organisations including OCR and Axa.

Currently Caroline is working as a team support administrator within for NHS Horizons where her day-to-day role includes responsibilities including the arranging of travel bookings, meeting planning, minute taking and preparing for events. She is also a Trust Partner within the team.

Outside of work Caroline enjoys running, playing the guitar and gardening. She also gets pleasure spending time with her family and being creative with her young daughters.

Lynsey Ogilvie

Delivery Support Manager

Lynsey Ogilvie

Lynsey has over 10 years’ experience working in the NHS. She has previously worked for the Advancing Change and Transformation (ACT) Academy and in the Time for Care team at NHS England and Improvement.

As a Delivery Support Manager in Horizons she provides extensive programme management support for a variety of different programmes, e.g. national health and wellbeing community and the Virtual Collaborate programme. She is also part of the technical hosting team and provides expert technical and facilitation for virtual meetings and events.  

Her skillset areas are logistics and coordination, resource management and developing new systems and approaches for effective working.Her passion is supporting others to see the potential in themselves. Her mantra is be courageous, honest and compassionate.

Prior to joining the NHS Lynsey worked in the advertising industry specifically in delivery and logistics and she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication, culture and media

Lynsey likes food, going to the cinema and most of all spending quality time with her family.

Kathryn Perera



Kathryn leads the NHS Horizons team, and currently serves as interim Director of Improvement Capability Building and Delivery within NHS England.

A barrister by background, Kathryn has worked across law, politics and community activism. Having stood for Parliament in 2010, from 2012-16 she was Chief Executive of Movement for Change, an award-winning social enterprise. As a 2015/2016 US-UK Fulbright Commission Scholar and Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University), Kathryn worked closely with Professor Marshall Ganz on the psychology and practice of Public Narrative.

With NHS Horizons colleagues, she now uses this research to co-deliver the (virtual) School for Change Agents, the most widely utilised free skills-building programme for change in the NHS. Kathryn is a Fellow of the Psychology of Change programme for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. She is a former National Committee Member of the Labour Women’s Network and an advisor to the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness. She’s also mum to two small kids!

Claire Randall

Office Administrator

Claire has worked within the NHS for over 20 years.

Currently working as an Office Administrator for NHS Horizons, Claire’s day-to-day role includes; arranging travel bookings, assisting in event preparation and booking meetings.

Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and exercising.

Parul Shah

Business Manager

Parul has recently joined the Horizons team as the Business Manager and has over 10 years experience working in the NHS. She has previously worked in the Medical directorate in the London region. 

As a business manager, she provides support to business management functions such as HR, finance, governance etc. 

Outside of work, Parul enjoys travelling and have a list of places to visit, yoga, scenic long walks, music, and volunteering at local hospice. 

Claire Shields

Senior Business Manager

Claire Shields

Claire leads our Business Support Team to deliver high quality support services to the wider NHS Horizons team with a focus on business processes and governance. She has worked in the NHS for four years as a project manager delivering change on the front line but comes from a background in financial services across varied industries from insurance to metals and mining.

Claire’s special interest is in Health Informatics, specifically how we use data to improve outcomes and how we communicate with our patients.

Outside of work Claire is a foodie and will book a holiday around restaurant availability.

Tom Underwood

Project Manager

Tom Underwood

Tom applies his social science background in linguistics and social interaction to a wide range of Horizons programmes, usually bringing a focus on qualitative research methods, systems thinking and social change. He is particularly interested in how the NHS collaborates with organisations outside of the formal healthcare system in order to achieve its goals. One example of this is a multi-year programme to increase the NHS’s role in increasing physical activity, working alongside the Office for Health Improvement & Disparities and Sport England. Examples of other recent work include a report on the role of CEOs in leading improvement in challenged NHS organisations and supporting the Public Health Reform programme.

Outside of Horizons, Tom is usually on his bike or talking about his bike.

Paul Woodley

Senior Business Manager

Paul Woodley

Paul provides oversight and ensures Business Processes and support are in place for the smooth running of the Horizons Team.  This includes supporting Finance, HR and reporting to keep us aligned with the wider organisation.

Paul has worked with Horizons for many years and is proud to be part of such a dynamic team whose reach and impact is far greater than it’s footprint.  As part of an agile team Paul retains proximity to Programmes and feels it is important to stay connected to the output of the team to stay in touch with our common purpose to make the NHS the best place possible for patients, staff and everyone involved.

Alongside his main role Paul is also a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian providing a voice to all and ensure the NHS lives it’s values.


Laura Yearsley

Programme Lead (Insight and Impact)

Laura Yearsley