Rosanna Hunt

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Rosanna Hunt

Associate – OD and Transformational Change

Rosanna has a blend of experience in Organisational Development (OD) evaluation and research. One of her day-to-day jobs in NHS Horizons is to evaluate new tools and methodologies so we can understand whether they help achieve change agency within and outside the NHS. Often, this means testing out these new tools with our very own team members!

Rosanna has a particular interest in helping teams to enhance their well-being. She and has published in this area, and won an award for this work. She enjoys co-designing interventions with teams, facilitating events and coaching leaders. Rosanna is a perpetual student with a Psychology Ph.D. and a CIPD certificate in the Psychology of Organisational Development and Change. Rosanna has published one co-authored book, nine peer-reviewed journal publications, four book chapters and two articles for a national newspaper and many NHS Horizons blogs.

Outside of work, Rosanna enjoys running, gardening, yoga and meditation as well as running about after her three young children.


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