Marc Harris

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Marc Harris PhD

Head of Insight and Impact

Marc is the Head of Insight and Impact at Horizons. Marc blends psychological and sociological theory with an extensive background in research and evaluation. Marc holds a PhD in sociology and has published more than 15 academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. These publications span areas such as behaviour change, programme implementation, motivational theory, gamification, alcohol and substance use, physical activity promotion and research ethics.  

Marc has a passion for applying quantitative and qualitative research methods to real-world settings and using the results to create actionable insights which drive behaviour change. Marc is personally driven to address health inequalities. He grew up in the South Wales Valleys, where fewer people engage in health promoting behaviours and where people live fewer years in good health. Marc aims to use data, research methods and theory to help address these stubborn inequalities which are prevalent in many communities throughout the UK.  

Outside of work, Marc likes to keep active. He is a keen marathon runner and enjoys walking Margot the cockapoo at a more leisurely pace.