IHI 2024: Horizons & Proud2bOps sessions

Horizons & Proud2bOps are proud to be hosting a range of sessions at this years international health forum in London.

We’ve listed all of our sessions below in full detail. Click on the day your attending or session your interested in to discover what’s in store:

We would love to see you there!

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Full-day workshop Part 1: 09:30-12:30, Part 2: 13:30-16:30
Content filters: Recommended for those new to quality improvement; Recommended for those working at system level in QI

We often hear the mantra that ‘70% of change programmes fail to deliver’. But many change leaders DO achieve their goals. What can we learn from those leaders whose extraordinary thinking, behaviours and practices have enabled them to deliver change at a really large scale? What does it take to create big change in different contexts? In this highly interactive session, we will undertake a process of collective inquiry: we will learn from change practitioners from across the globe who will present their practical learning. In addition, we will benefit from the wisdom of all the people in the room. We will co-create a framework for large scale change.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the thinking, behaviours and practices of leaders who deliver big change
  • Be part of a unique collective learning system to distil practical wisdom for large scale change
  • Take home tacit and explicit knowledge, models, approaches and frameworks for change
  • Take inspiration and ambition from other change leaders

Led by:
Helen Bevan NHS Horizons, England
Göran Henriks Qulturum, Sweden

Facilitative approach: Liberating Structures – the surprising power of liberating structures to unleash a culture of innovation

Liberating Structures are a powerful and impactful way of involving, engaging and unleashing everyone to contribute ideas and shape the future. They help people connect and work together collaboratively. They are deliberately simple, and anyone can lead them which means they can spread virally in an organisation or group. There are thirty-three different structures, so there is something for almost any context or occasion – everyone will leave with the knowledge and skills to liberate and unleash the energy of small and large groups of people to shape the future.

Zoe Lord NHS Horizons, England


Flanders quality model: thinking, doing and learning in collaboration with flemish hospitals

We have co-developed a conceptual model towards sustainable quality management systems and implemented this model in 23 Flemish hospitals. This model, i.e. Flanders Quality Model, focuses on co-production of healthcare quality with patient, kin and professionals in order to improve benefits for both.

Kris Vanhaecht Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy, Belgium

Facilitating transformational change in Swedish healthcare – using designed action sampling

Organisations are currently challenged to learn and develop quality at an increasing speed of change, as well as handle complexity. This calls for new approaches to transformational change that invite and involve organisational members and stakeholders at the scale of the whole. This presentation will explore how to establish an arena using systematic reflection with a social media tool in real time, to help organisations understand and facilitate transformational change.

Jonas Boström CGI/Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Delivering change together – our change experiential programme story so far

This work develops change capacity and competency among healthcare leaders to enable change in services to fulfil our populations’ need for access to care in the right place, at the right time, and by the right person. This programme employs a communities of practice model to ensure that change is supported by the HSE’s agreed-upon change framework.

Marie O’Haire HSE Ireland, Republic of Ireland
Lessons from primary care: creating joy, hope and releasing our true potential

The experience of UK General Practice for both patients and staff worsens year after year. How does change and hope emerge? What happens if a GP improves psychological safety, trust, distributed leadership and staff and patient engagement? What could releasing the true potential of individuals and an organisation look like? Dr Ben Allen from Birley Health Centre in Sheffield, England will share the journey of learning and the many stories of establishing new principles.

Ben Allen Birley Health Centre, England

Building a culture of improvement: a decade of sustainability lessons in Jamaica

This case study will share a decade of lessons from the Caribbean Quality Improvement Collaborative (CaReQIC) aiming to improve HIV outcomes.  Whether early or advanced in improvement journeys, participants in this session will explore comprehensive strategies to build a culture of improvement that sustains efforts.

Shay Bluemer Shift, Jamaica

Wednesday, 10 April at 10:00 – 16:00 North Halls | Room 19, Level 1

This full day workshop, delivered by New Citizenship Project in collaboration with NHS Horizons and Proud2bOps, will explore how adopting a collaborative leadership style, involving staff, patients, and the public, can drive better patient experience and improved outcomes in health and care. 

We’ll be working with New Citizenship’s Model of Purposeful Participation, drawing on case studies and inspiration from inside and outside the health and care sector to demonstrate how leaders can embrace this ‘citizen shift’ as an opportunity to lead differently, delivering alongside colleagues, people and communities. 

Participants in this workshop will have the chance to develop their own ‘participatory question’ as well as a canvas of ideas for how they could lead more collaboratively, generate motivation and actions for change as well as a chance to connect, learn and share their own experiences with others.

This workshop will take place on site at the ExCeL

Thursday, 11 April at 07:45 – 08:45 Capital Suite 14-16 | Room 14, Level 3

Across the world, healthcare systems are struggling to have the workforce capacity to meet the service demand. We believe that effective team-based working can make a big difference. In this highly interactive & energetic session, we will explore what different systems in different organisations and countries are doing to build team-based models of care.

We would like to discuss: 

  1. The innovative approaches being used to build team-based working.
  2. How are team-based models of care making a difference?
  3. How are some of the new models of team-based working supporting improvement?

The outputs of this breakfast session will help NHS England with the implementation of its Long-Term Workforce Plan.

Thursday, 11 April at 13:15 – 14:30 North Halls | Room 18, Level 1

History shows us that we are more capable of changing the world than one person or institution will ever be. In health and care, we increasingly work across systems and communities and rely on each other to manage and improve significant challenges. We know many of you are involved in creating and developing communities and networks to support the aims of your work. This workshop will provide you with a flavour of community organising and learn about the work happening across the country by communities on the ground. You will also “get on the bike” and try a tool for yourself to get into the shoes of an organiser!

What is Community Organising?

Community organising is a centuries-old tradition. It is a model for building the collective leadership of people to work together in a shared struggle to improve and transform systems and structures.

Who are Act Build Change?

Act Build Change builds infrastructure to power organising and strengthening our movements. We make the methods of organising and collective care accessible to everyone who wants to end injustice and create better worlds for all of us. Learn more about our work in this report.

Friday, 12 April at 15:00 – 16:00 Capital Suite 2-4 | Room 2, Level 3

On each day of the International Forum, there will be insightful sessions on the nature and practice of change. This final session is for everyone who has attended any of the workshops or discussions on the theme of change. We will come together as a community of change . We will reflect on the ideas, tools, and approaches we have heard about to give us some fresh perspective on our own situations. We will consider the practical implications and opportunities for our work in a world where the balance between “old power” leadership of change (positional power and authority) and “new power” (networks, shared purpose, and mobilising for change) is shifting to enable large scale, rapid change. We will support each other in small groups to address our own change challenges.

As a result of this session, participants will be able to:

• Co-create powerful insights from the change themes at the Forum

• Explore how we can build our individual and collective power to create change and deliver improvements in the rapidly shifting landscape of health and care

• Utilise the wisdom of the community to support each other with change challenges