The 2019 cohort of the School for Change Agents has now finished. Thank you to everyone who joined, and congratulations to everyone who became a Certificated Change Agent!

You can watch the webinar recordings here and see the slides here.

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“It doesn’t matter what your title, role or banding is. Be passionate, you are needed, your voice and story are important and if you see something that could be changed to support your patient, go for it. We would all be a lot more successful if we just gave it a go.

The school is going to help you achieve the incredible.”

Dani: School Participant

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What is The School for Change Agents?

The School for Change Agents builds change agency which is the power, individually and collectively, to make a difference. It is about pushing the boundaries of what is possible, mobilising others and making change happen more quickly. We are more than a school. We are a movement of 15,000 people in the health sector building a community to create the boldest and most innovative new ideas in health and care. It is the most widely used skill-building programme for change in the NHS. The School will provide you with the skills, confidence and community to make a difference in an ever-changing and evolving environment, and the skills to implement the NHS Long Term Plan through sharing the latest in change and transformation thinking. You will leave the School with the power to make change in your organisation. The Community is entirely online, there are six interactive live webinars with the opportunity to catch up with the recordings afterwards and an e-learning platform available.