About Us

About Us

Everything you need to know about NHS Horizons

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NHS Horizons is a small, specialist team within the Improvement Directorate of NHS England and NHS Improvement.

NHS Horizons supports leaders of change, teams, organisations and systems to think differently about large-scale change, improve collaboration, and accelerate change. We work with the health and care system, the wider public sector and publicly-funded healthcare systems globally.

We do this by:

  • Convening spaces (both face-to-face and virtual) where people with diverse views and experiences share learning, and plan for large scale change in complex environments.
  • Building the capability of change agents across the system. We focus on “change agency” (the power to make a positive difference) which is different to improvement and innovation, but boosts both.
  • Promoting the spread and scale of specific innovations new ways of thinking and working and new methods and framework for change, in line with the priorities of NHS England and the other organisations that commission our work.

NHS Horizons is deliberately small. There is a small core team of staff, plus a group of associates, secondees and international sabbaticals. We work on the basis that a small team can leverage its activities to make a very big impact through its connections, networks and partnerships.

Leaders who have commissioned NHS Horizons report that working with us has given them new and fresh perspectives about change; more systematic approaches to change; greater engagement from the beginning; a stronger sense of shared purpose and of agency; more effective approaches to testing and prototyping; more confidence in working virtually, greater willingness to take risks and an acceleration of change.

Making Large Scale Change Happen
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