A New and Unique Resource to help you Spread and Scale Innovation and Improvement

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Why do we still need to talk about spread and scale? The reality is we continue to see ‘isolated islands of improvement’ or lack of spread and adoption of innovation and improvement.

Today is the launch of a unique resource to help leaders select the most appropriate methods and levers to enable the spread and scale of innovation and improvement.

The resource, a set of webpages and a sketchnote, offers a menu of methods and levers grouped under 7 spread and scale approaches of:

  • Building capacity and capability
  • Networking, peer learning and collaboration
  • Piloting and rolling out
  • Coordinating through large scale engagement and national programmes
  • Investing and Incentivising
  • Governing and Assuring
  • Identifying and communicating priorities

These approaches, and the methods and levers within each, are shown visually in this sketchnote.

Use this resource to help you choose the appropriate method(s) and levers(s), from the range available, to match your innovation or improvement, while considering timing, audience, resources and the nature of the intervention itself.

This content was developed with extensive and essential input from colleagues within NHS England (NHSE), the wider NHS (local and regional including AHSNs and AHSN network) and wider partners and was coordinated by NHS Horizons and the Innovation, Research and Life Sciences team at NHSE.

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Access the resource here or use this QR code

Please send your feedback, so we can keep improving and developing this resource, to mlcsu.horizons@nhs.net.

More information on spread, scale and adoption, including blogs and videos, available on the NHS Horizons website. Details of the Leading the Spread and Adoption of Innovation and Improvement: A Practical Guide in the blog here. If you’re interested to read more there are previous blogs and further blogs to follow. Please follow @DianeKetley @HorizonsNHS#NHSSpread.