Building and aligning energy for change

Building and aligning energy for change

We decided to produce a framework that would help healthcare leaders to improve the intrinsic conditions for change and align them with extrinsic aspects. We want to make it freely available so it can be widely used. After talking to a lot of leaders, we decided that “energy for change” resonated better for our cause than other concepts. 

The impetus behind this project is our goal to create a simple tool for measuring energy for change at a team, organisational and/ or system level. The outcome is an instrument that enables teams to simply and effectively monitor their energy for change, coupled with a facilitation approach that enables them to have discussions and identify ways to manage this energy. Of course, the ultimate aim is to enable better, more sustainable improvements that spread more quickly. To unleash energy for change, we need to understand it. 

This evidence and practice review, which included interviews with NHS staff from a range of backgrounds, reveals the existence of five energy domains as well as real world experiences of how they are manifested in the NHS. We draw on the work of Steve Radcliffe, Tony Schwartz, Stanton Marris, Heike Bruch and Bernd Vogel and Stephen Vogel as key contributors to the field of energy in the management literature and practitioner field. 

We invite you to join us on our journey to understand how as healthcare leaders we can become more effective in building energy for change – for the long haul.

Helen Bevan and Rosanna Hunt, NHS Horizons

Published January 2013