End of Year Report 2020/21

End of Year Report 2021/21

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic was an unprecedented challenge to health and care. It brought intense pressure and radical
change to systems, organisations, and to all of us as individuals.

Over the last 12 months, NHS Horizons has risen to the challenge, supporting the NHS to exploit virtual tools, methods and platforms, unleashing the collective brilliance of a diverse range of people and organisations at scale, creating faster and more sustainable change. From closed-group discussions with senior leaders, to massive open-access virtual events, we’ve supported thousands of people across our health and care systems to have conversations that matter.

NHS Horizons is a small team by design. We know we can only make a difference collaborating with others. Every contribution we made in
2020-21 was achieved with and through others. By working with strong values and good intent, striving to be good partners and
sharing credit widely, we will continue to play our part in building a thriving, sustainable and effective NHS.

This report highlights and celebrates the people – and some of the projects we have worked on together this year – to deliver change and
create impact.