Horizons End of Year Report 2021/22

Horizons End of Year Report 2021/22

With thousands of our NHS colleagues, in 2021-22 we worked on some of the biggest challenges facing the health and care system; from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response to tackling emerging priorities to improve health and healthcare services for citizens and our populations.

We recognise the need to respond to today’s realities AND radically rethink future approaches. Our work with health and care systems has shown that mobilising our NHS people around the potential for a radically different future better prepares them for what comes next.

The Horizons team is small by design; our 2021-22 contribution was achieved with and through other health and care teams. We know our commissions make a difference through collaborating with others. And while every commission is meaningful, this summary captures highlights of the last 12 months.

Some key personal highlights including coaching new-mum service users to use the public narrative methodology to affect change as well as leading a national maternity summit. Another highlight including guiding large-scale learning of a community of international recruits through novel adoption of the use of a positive deviance approach, with remarkable results.

We hope you enjoy this snapshot of how we have contributed to the work of the NHS over the last 12 months.

Helen Bevan and Kathryn Perera