My Future Nurse

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Originally published by Kate Pound – 10th December 2018

It’s been a few months since you made the decision to become a nurse, your applications are in and interviews are underway, wow how the process has changed from when I trained as a nurse!

First, we visited your favorite universities across England, this was such an experience. One was so interactive where you could have a go at some nursing skills such as taking bloods. The energy from it all blew me away.  The team made you feel so welcomed and even offered a practice interview to steady your nerves. The line that stood out from me here was “We care for our students as we expect them to care for their patients” – positive role modelling was obvious.

I know I haven’t wanted to be involved in the writing of your personal statements and interview prep.  Your Dad has been your ears and eyes to help you, but I wanted you to create your own footprints in the world and not be told you’re following your mother’s. You are your own person.

You surprised me with your research for your personal statement, you considered the 6Cs and how you can relate the code of conduct to your current experiences such as volunteering as a swimming teacher. You reflected on what skills you have gained from working in a pub and how they would help you as a future nurse. I loved that you read Kate Granger’s story, so you could understand the importance of a simple act of introducing yourself. You have done well and now we move into the next pressure of interviews.

Wow, offers of five interviews – that’s amazing! Oh, wow that’s going to be expensive, all the interviews start at 9am you will need to stay over the night before, we didn’t plan for this one coming – maybe you should have applied to ones closer to home. Don’t worry you focus on school work and getting ready and we will worry about getting there and the costs. I know how hard it is for you at the moment, lots of traveling for interviews and keeping up with A levels. Learning to split your time is hard, I get that now, but I wasn’t ready for it, I had no idea that you would be having interviews at the same time as trying to complete large A level coursework or just how tired it would make you was you use all your energy to complete your goals.

Your goal is in sight now; I can see the fighter in you growing stronger by the day as you focus yourself at achieving it. I know you are scared about not making the grades to get in and how hard it is to hear of others around you being given unconditional offers. I know you’re also sick of hearing the lines about how easy nursing is to get into as there is a shortage, but it doesn’t work like that. You need to get the grades, so you can show others that you are safe to practice as a nurse and that you care.

Nursing is your choice and your future. I see your eyes light up when you talk about how wide the nursing career is and the possibilities it can give you. I see your energy and the care you have for others as you talk about the impact you can make in the world. You are one of our future nurses – we are all proud to know you and see you grow.