#OurNHSPeople Tweetchat Reports

During 2019 we facilitated three #OurNHSPeople tweet chats.

A tweet chat is a scheduled, organised conversation on Twitter focused around a specific topic. Anyone can join in a tweet chat, using the designated tweet chat hashtag, in this case #OurNHSPeople. After each tweet chat we curated reports describing the outcomes and outputs of the tweet chat. You can find all three of the tweet chat reports below; for an enlarged version of the sketch note click the image:

Tweet chat 1

The first tweet chat asked participants their thoughts on making the NHS the best place to work, and took place on 8th July 2019 from 7-8pm. Read the report.

Tweet chat 2

The second tweet chat asked ‘What can we do to improve how people in the NHS work in teams?’ was held on 12th August 2019 from 7-8pm. Read the report.  

Tweet chat 3

The third tweet chat, which asked what do people who work in the NHS need from their leaders was held on 9th September 2019 from 7-8pm. Read the report.