Community Nursing Personas

NHS Horizons worked with the East of England Community Nursing Fellows Sifiso Mguni and Charlotte Sumnall to create a series of patient personas to demonstrate the complexity of community nursing.

The NHS England Pricing Team have developed ‘community currencies’ which is a pricing tool that can group patients’ activities into units that are clinically similar, and provides a structured way to classify a population based on specific attributes. The Fellows supported the development of the currencies to ensure the complexities of community nursing and community patient populations are adequately captured and demonstrated by the tool.

In order to test the ‘currencies’ they needed patients and scenarios that not only capture demographics and clinical diagnosis but also the depth of complexity and the evolving nature of patient needs that community nurses navigate when treating patients in their own home.

We developed a series of seven personas over a period of four months which we tested with patient advocates and clinical specialists; over 50 experts in their respective fields helped us to develop, iterate and evaluate the personas and scenarios.

The personas are presented in a facilitation pack below containing advice and top tips for running a workshop with clinical teams who want take a holistic view of service design.