Tweet chats

Tweet chats

Using the power to social media to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

What is is a tweet chat?

A tweet chat is a facilitated conversation which takes place on Twitter over a certain amount of time (e.g. one hour). Similar to crowdsourcing, you invite audiences from Twitter to share, discuss and co-produce ideas around your chosen topic. This provides a chance to build a busy, diverse community as well as in-depth data, both quantitative and qualitative.

Why use tweet chats?

  • Reach hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, quickly.
  • Have conversation with diverse people, get their opinions and build networks
  • Gain opinions on specific issues.
  • Share power and encourage working in collaborative ways.
  • Shift from passive involvement to active participation.
  • Engagement and co-production on strategy.

Social Influence Resources

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Recent examples of tweet chats

Patient with Nuse


How we used tweet chats to change approaches to improvement.

Cartoon of two NHS workers from NHS People Plan website


The recently published NHS People Plan was created in partnership with staff via a series of tweet chats