Savour the small things 18 ways to keep that holiday glow at work

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Originally published by Kathryn Perera – 3rd September 2018

Having just returned from a glorious summer break, today’s beautiful Guardian piece on “18 ways to keep the health, humour and happiness of your holiday alive” felt especially timely. 

At NHS Horizons we make a considerable investment of time and care in looking out for each other’s wellness. This includes weekly team surveys, 30-day wellbeing sprints and taking the time to hold regular meetings in different locations (such as on walks) which create the space for good conversations. In our recent surveys, I was struck (on reading people’s answers) by how much the simple things matter. Things like scheduling new annual leave as soon as you return from holiday, so there’s another personal milestone on the horizon. Or taking time to use that “holiday wisdom” (must change ‘x’ habit, must spend more time with ‘y’ person) and applying it to the working week.

When it comes to wellness, often it’s the accumulation of a dozen small habits which add up to noticeable benefit. That’s why I found the Guardian’s 18 things so inspiring. It’s not about grand promises followed by self-berating “failure” to change. It’s about embracing the little opportunities of everyday life: cycling a different route (or cycling at all), wearing an old piece of jewellery that gives you pleasure, starting an informal WhatsApp book group with friends or colleagues.

In my work as a facilitator, I’m a big proponent of “go slow to go fast”. Slow the conversations down, don’t pressurise yourself with needing ‘output’ immediately, enjoy exploring with others first… and often the magic happens. Perhaps the same applies to choosing to improve your wellness, in small ways, every day? Have a read and let me know what you think.

what if you could capitalise on your holiday momentum and apply some of your novelty-seeking break from routine to, well, your daily routine?…