Socials of the Week 2 September, 2022

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Hello and welcome! I’m Ani from the NHS Horizons team and I’ll be taking you through this edition of Sweets of the Week, your one stop shop to all things on improvement, wellbeing and updates across health and care. We’ll also be sharing updates on the fantastic work our team have been supporting this week.

This week we will also be including posts from our other social media platforms LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, as well as Twitter. Be sure to follow our other platforms so that you can keep up to date with our posts! (Tip: to read an article or watch a video mentioned in a post, click on the blue text. To view the original post, click on the image).  

We hope you enjoy this edition, happy reading!


Have you had your say on the Heading #Home4Noon challenges on #SolvingTogether yet?

Join the community by clicking here and start sharing your ideas on ‘What should always happen to ensure people go home from hospital earlier in the day and be heading #Home4Noon?’

Here is an idea that was posted on #SolvingTogether by @KateSlater2. What are your thoughts? Get involved and share your comments on Kate’s ideas here or if you have your own idea for the Heading #Home4Noon Teams challenge, you can share it here.

Geoff Knott’s posted an idea on taking inspiration from other industries when discharging patients from hospital. What do you think? Have your say on this idea and the Heading #Home4NoonPeople challenge by joining Geoff and other who are already sharing their ideas comments and votes!

Here is a tweet from @LeilaEccles reflecting on an idea posted on the Heading #Home4Noon Organisations challenge. Share your comments and thoughts on Leila’s idea here, or share your own idea on the Organisations challenge here.

#SolvingTogether is part of the 100 Day Discharge Challenge, which aims to support trusts and systems to adopt ten best practice initiatives to improve hospital discharge. Find out more about the 100 Day Discharge Challenge here.

Horizons Highlights

Thank you @RNChristinaH for your kind words and being a valued member of the NHS Horizons Clinical Associates Alumni! Coaching is a great way to support staff in their career progression.

Learn with us

Are you interested in learning what the ‘Medical Take’ is? Here is a fantastic video that gives you a brief understanding of what it is. Thank you for sharing @ECISTNetwork.

Learn how integrated care systems (ICS’s) will collaborate with communities to improve health and care in this useful video linked here.

Top picks from the world of improvement

Thank you @LouWaters_QI for your time and effort in putting together this list of all UK and Irish health and care improvement teams. Click here to access the list.

If you would like to learn more about quality improvement, here is a brilliant opportunity: @NHS_ICBQuality Improvement learning platform. Find out more and access the courses here.

Do you always feel as though your work day is overridden by meeting after meeting? Would you like to know how to stop the meeting madness at work? Click here to read a blog about it!

In the new world of work, managers cannot rely solely on traditional hierarchical power structures. They have to adapt to the new ways of working. Find out more in this article ‘Relational Power Is the New Currency of Hybrid Work’ by clicking here.

And finally….

An important reminder from @NSHNEY of how hard the people in our system work!

We are also happy that @RolfatWarwick is finally back on Warwick universities campus after the summer break!