Socials of the Week 3 October, 2022

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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Socials of the week, brought to you by NHS Horizons.

I’m Anisah Majothi a Project Officer at Horizons and this week I’ve gathered some of NHS Horizons top picks from social media from the world of improvement across health and care. This is your one stop shop for improvement news, wellbeing gems and marvellous musings that will make you think!

There’s also a compilation of posts that show the range of projects the team supports as well as some useful nuggets to brighten your day.

I hope you enjoy this weeks edition, happy reading!

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Heading #Home4Noon on #SolvingTogether!

The platform will be closing to new ideas on 7th October (this Friday!), don’t miss this opportunity to share your ideas on the challenge question: What should always happen to ensure people go home from hospital earlier in the day and be heading #Home4Noon?

Share your ideas, thoughts and comments ideas on the three challenge areas:



💡Organisations, including systems

Let’s get #SolvingTogether and Improving Discharge! Click here to access the platform.

Last week was a great for the #SolvingTogether community. The team had a great session with some friends of NHS Horizons from Lived Experience backgrounds. We really appreciated discussing ideas that the group had on how we can get people Heading #Home4Noon.

On Tuesday last week, @KerryEMcGinty, @LeighAKendall and @ElaineKing91 hosted a brilliant Twitter space session about the community management of the Heading #Home4Noon challenges on #SolvingTogether. During the session we heard some of their favourite ideas, as well as some useful information about the challenges. If you’d like to catch up on what took place, you can listen again by clicking on the Tweet below.

On Wednesday the team helped facilitate The 100 day challenge embracing risk enabling patient choice meeting. It was great to hear form a range of speakers! Thank you @BevMatthewsRN for sharing this great nugget from @AimeeRobsom about the importance of conversations with those receiving care reduces harm. If you have any ideas similar to this, do share them on the #SolvingTogther Heading #Home4Noon challenges by clicking here.

Horizons Highlights

A great visualisation below shared by @HelenBevan on deep collaboration. If you’re interested in this framework do have a further look at the graphic below.

We are glad to share with you that there is another #StartWithPeople event taking place on the 24th November! If you would like to connect and network with people and also learn how to engage with different communities then check out the tweet below for the joining details!

You may have seen the news that NHS Horizons is indeed looking for four Lived Experience Partners to support our work!

This is an exciting opportunity to work with a dynamic, forward-thinking team and influence change with your voice. To find out more, visit the link in the tweet below.

Top picks from the world of improvement

The 1st of October marked the start of #BlackHistoryMonth. NHS Horizons would like to recognise and thank all of our black colleagues that work in our organisation for the amazing work you do!  

Learn about race equality in the NHS and register for our BME Leadership Network events by clicking on the link in the tweet below.

Do you want to find out more about what happens to health data and how large data sets are used?

Check out @Patients_Data guide that can be downloaded. Click here to find out more.

Network unity is key when delivering performance across a system. Want to learn how you can create this unity?

@JeppeHansgaard shares some useful pointers in the tweet below!

And finally….

A wonderful quote from Maya Angelou shared by @happiness_hospital about organ donation week last week. I hope this kicks your week off with a smile!

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Socials of the Week!

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