Socials of the Week 30th January, 2023

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Hello and welcome back readers, to another edition of Socials of the week, brought to you by NHS Horizons.

Nina here again, I am a Clinical Associate at NHS Horizons, a Kaizen Promotion Officer (KPO) Specialist at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and a Cardiac Nurse by background. Always excited to be to be back at the wheel, delivering you another juicy edition of Socials of the Week, so buckle up because I have all the content for you!

This edition includes the latest in improvement, upcoming events and health and care resources, stay tuned, because its been an exciting week in the world of improvement – but when is it not right?!

I will be focusing specifically on updates from #SolvingTogether, #S4CA, highlights from the Horizons team, and insights from the world of health and care improvement.

Ready? Let’s do this! πŸ’ͺ🏽

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As you know our new #SolvingTogether socials platforms are now LIVE, so please do make sure you are following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin to be in the know with the latest updates and fascinating insights from our community.

To join in and be a part of #SolvingTogether – click, follow and register right here.

#SolvingTogether is an approach to capture, assess and test learning and ideas that can support the priorities for health and care. The ideas come from people like you, the people who know the most, those delivering care, receiving care and leading our services.

Our most recent challenge on the Solving Together platform involved crowdsourcing for elective care recovery. This incredible movement saw more than 8,000 people join in the conversation generating 392 ideas from 100,000 interactions. 🀯 The response has been phenomenal and your ideas have contributed to the 3 big ideas that are currently being prototyped and tested. A true sentiment to the power we collectively hold to make changes in the care we deliver. You can read more by clicking here.

Again, a big thank you to all those that got involved and shared their ideas with us, together we can shape the future.

Keep you eyes peeled by following our Solving Together socials for the next live challenges! πŸ‘€

The School for Change Agents

This run of The School for Change Agents is now closed for new registrations and upgrades.

Thank you to each and every one of you who took part in this run of School. If you missed out – don’t worry, we will be back in a flash for another run soon.

Those that upgraded and signed up before the 22nd January still have time to complete it.

School may be over but if you want to expand your learning then great news… you can tune in to the newly launched series 2 of the Agents Assemble Podcast!

The podcasts include some real thought provoking discussions with some leading experts on topics that have featured in School. This second episode features Medical Director for Transformation, Vin Diwakar – tune in to hear how #S4CA has impacted his role and team as he shares his change agent journey. So excited for you to tune in!

Breaking news! The third podcast is fresh off the press.. you can tune in right here, this edition showcases some invigorating discussion with Horizons’ very own Beverley Matthews and Tim Ferris National Director for Transformation at NHS England! #AgentsAssemble

You can tune in via this link. Thank me later! 🀩

We’re loving the responses from those who have just finished School – please keep them coming!

Horizons Highlights

Helen is spilling all the tea this week! She shared this great tweet on the value of co-production and that all important collective effort when trying to bring about change. The research showed that the value of co-production lies in:

  1. Delivering outcomes that actually matter to people
  2. Efficiency, in the long run
  3. Working towards social justice
  4. Empowering people and building capacity
  5. Connecting us as humans, working towards shared goals

You can read the full article here.

I love this graphic too, never underestimate the power of those quick wins, they have that high impact energy with minimal effort, and these are the ideas and initiatives that can boost your confidence with affecting change, building that momentum for combatting resistance to change and creating that all important learning network. LOVE this! πŸ’™

Back to the future with this tweet by Bev Matthews, a children’s book campaign launched to reduce the gender stereotypes associated with the nursing profession. Let’s shine the torch on a fabulous profession, inclusive to all! Inspirational work. πŸ’™

Top picks from the world of improvements

I saw this tweet about cross collaboration in creating and implementing a shared vision to improve quality of care for HIV treatments in the Caribbean. It was so inspiring – I had to share. Earlier we touched on the importance of co-production through research and this amazing example brings the concept to life. Their sense of community sharing and learning is a fundamental concept in achieving change. “Nothing for us, without us”. WOW – I have goose bumps!

You can read more about this project by clicking here.

Having joined the improvement team within my organisation, I can definitely vouch for the importance of having a visual huddle or focus board that has the ability to discuss your daily department demand and capacity. This creates an open space in which there are enriching conversations about learnings from yesterday to improve today. Great job Caroline, and the team at University Hospitals of North Midlands, I am so excited for you, I hope the creative juices will be flowing!

It’s official guys, get this date in your diaries. Thursday 30th March is the next online #StartWithPeople conference. This event is an excellent opportunity to learn, connect with peers, and explore topics that will help you improve engagement with people and communities. Keep your eyes peeled for registration details!

And finally…

I loved this tweet by @Sonia_Sparkles, very much on trend for this weeks socials of the week in regards to co production of ideas and co creation of making informed decisions. By clinicians giving ALL of the details to the person with lived experience, together they can create a treatment plan that aligns to a shared decision making approach. Informed decision making is essential for the patient – clinician therapeutic relationship. Thanks for sharing Sonia! πŸŽ‡

Thank you for reading this edition of Socials of the Week. Have an amazing week everyone, and don’t forget if you would like to be featured in the next edition and showcase your amazing work and improvement insights – drop us a DM on our Horizons NHS socials!

See you soon. 😊

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