Dream audacious dreams in solving your biggest problems

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Originally published by Kate Pound – 13th February 2018

Space travel has inspired so many and allowed us to dream big audacious dreams, but what would happen if you allowed yourself or your team to solved problems with this in their mind-set?

There are so many lessons from space exploration that we can transfer into the world of health care improvement, such as we are all connected with the same mission to improve care for our patients and the wider communities. We are linked through hope which allows us to put personal ambitions to the side as we collaborate to change systems. The harder we work to solve our problems the greater the joy is at delivering.

How would you view your problems if you saw them from space?

When you spend a total of 204 days and 18 hours in space, and make 3170 orbits of the planet during your missions, you get a new perspective on the planet we inhabit. Canadian astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk reflects powerfully on how his viewpoint changed as his missions progressed, and the priorities that this orbital perspective sets for our survival as a species. As a member of the Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut corps, Dr. Robert Thirsk has spent a combined 205 days in space, observing our world and its signals and noise from a unique vantage point. First flying in 1996 for 17 days aboard the space shuttle Columbia as part of the Life and Microgravity Spacelab Mission, he returned in 2009 with a 188-day mission on the International Space Station to perform robotic operations and station maintenance.