Improvement Directors Network

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The National Improvement Directors Network (IDN) is a dedicated space for Executive Directors with Board level responsibility for improvement. The IDN is specifically for provider Trusts, Integrated Care Systems, and NHS England Regional leads for Improvement.

Our aim is to provide Executive leaders for improvement an opportunity to come together every month and connect with the National Clinical Director for Improvement at NHS England. This space is to openly share, consult and support NHS Impact and the work of the National Improvement Board.

We are keen to ensure that the IDN represents the majority of Trusts and Systems across England.  Here is the link to the membership enquiry form. If you have a colleague with Board level responsibility for improvement, please pass this information along to them.

Our sponsor is Dr Amar Shah, National Clinical Director for NHS Improvement at NHS England.

Our Senior Responsible Officer is Emma Challans-Rasool, Founder and Director of Proud2bOps at Horizons.