The National Physical Activity & Healthcare Collaborative Group

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The group’s aim:

Making Physical Activity a norm for the prevention and management of Long-Term Conditions in the health system

Our emerging shared commitment to achieving that aim:

  • • Developing a single, multi-morbidity approach for physical activity
  • • Defining responsibilities for physical activity in health and healthcare and building alignment
  • • Building partnerships and strengthening healthcare’s commitment to and impact on physical activity

The activities of the group are:

  • • Build energy by helping existing programmes be more effective, connected, coordinated and aligned.
  • • Work together to develop consistency of language, messages and narrative
  • • Building and maintaining trust between the coalition
  • • An opportunity to influence and be influenced
  • • Recognition of the organisations’ leadership in their field?
  • • Learning, sharing, reflecting together to forward the group aim
  • • A core group that has space to create collective thinking, make sense of what is being heard across partners and give direction to the work that is needed.
  • • The creation of task and finish groups orientated around specific influencing and advocacy work to drive specific actions forward with the driver diagram.
  • • Collective leadership that is convened by NHS Horizons and Sport England


The group has organically grown from a small, informal group that operated as a design group, to a more established community of practice with a clear collaborative aim. As such, the attendance is being updated to reflect its ambitions and be representative of the necessary broad array of stakeholders. There is acknowledgement that there are still groups, sectors and organisations underrepresented.

Joining the group