Improvement Method Olympics Quarter Final 2

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  1. Appreciative Inquiry (methodology)

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a way of looking at organisational or system change that focuses on doing more of what is already working. So instead of starting with ‘what’s the problem’ and looking for fixes it starts with ‘what’s already working’ and how can we build on that?

That doesn’t mean we ignore problems; we just look at them in a different way. AI is based on the principle that a group, organisation or system will grow in the direction of whatever its people focus their attention on. By creating a space for people to share experiences of when they worked at their best, not only does it stimulate energy for change; it also builds relationships and a shared understanding of everyone’s contribution.

Appreciative inquiry - the 5D model Definition, Discovery, Delivery, Design, Dream

View the Appreciative Inquiry Resource pack from the Scottish Social Services Council and NHS Education for Scotland.

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2. Value stream mapping (method)

Value stream mapping (VSM) allows us to create a detailed visualisation of all steps in our work process or care process. It uses a system of symbols to depict various work activities and information flows. VSM is especially useful to find and eliminate waste. Items are mapped as adding value or not adding value from the standpoint of your customer or patient, with the purpose of rooting out items that don’t add value.

Value stream mapping from NHS Improving Quality, Bringing Lean to Life

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