My journey with School!

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Hi all, my name is Nina Jaspal and I am a former Cardiac Nurse Practitioner at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust.

I started my journey with NHS Horizons last November with my first run of the School for Change Agents. Just a year on I am now working for NHS Horizons as a part time Clinical Associate working alongside the experts in running this year’s S4CA!

It’s been a whirlwind 12 months and crazy to think that School was the start of being able to work alongside such a dynamic team a year on! Please do read on to hear my journey with school and with the team at Horizons.

As a clinician undertaking this course, I found it so engaging and the bitesize modules over 5 weeks really allowed me to reflect on the learning from the previous week.

It was truly exhilarating to connect on this platform and discuss some of the key concepts with likeminded change agents! The platform allows for a wealth of experience and diverse opinions to be showcased. It also gave me the opportunity to learn from others experiences and discuss those wicked issues the NHS faces today.

It was inspiring to hear how change agents across the system use their power so creatively to really make a difference to our patients and the care we give.

There were so many lightbulb moments of school but here were my three take home messages:

Old Power vs New Power

Isn’t it interesting acknowledging how the NHS has shifted the balance from a top down organisational hierarchical structure to locally led grass root improvements and initiatives to effect change! Do you think the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated and encouraged new power to be at the forefront of reframing change?

Rock the boat and stay in it!

‘Be a tempered radical’ and challenge that status quo! Walk that fine line between difference and fit, inside and outside, and rock that boat but manage to stay in. Leaders should be taught to embrace those ‘rebels’ that can effect change, embracing the authenticity, courage and purpose they bring as individuals! I definitely feel more confident to rock the boat knowing I have the power in my hands to improve the care I deliver.

Use your power to tell your story!

S4CA really emphasised the importance of public narrative being a skill to motivate others to join you in your call to action! Change requires your experiences and learning to really bring people along in the journey for better care, better delivery and better services.

As we are coming to the next run of school, register your interest now!

Who knows, maybe this time next year YOU could be involved in designing and planning the next S4CA! See you there!

School really is for anyone! Anyone has the power to effect change! My opinion really has not changed a year on!

Please do look out for my colleague Rosanna Hunt’s blog which will tell us about the evidence and impact of Public Narrative, drawing on a case study from another previous School for Change student, Lucy Chalkley.