Socials of the Week 7 November, 2022

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Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Socials of the week, brought to you by NHS Horizons.

I’m Anisah Majothi a Project Officer at Horizons; on this edition of Socials of the Week I’ve gathered some of NHS Horizons teams top picks from social media from the world of improvement across health and care. If you’re interested in learning about the latest in improvement, wellbeing and health and care resources, you’re in the right place!

This edition contains updates on the launch of the School for Change Agents, some exciting updates and additions to the NHS Horizons team and some useful resources to help you get the week started!

I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Socials of the Week, happy reading!

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The School for Change Agents

The School for Change Agents is back!🥳

The School is aimed at anyone who works in health and care, at whatever level and whether they are in a clinical or non-clinical role – although it is open to everyone and all are welcome. The School offers the opportunity to take their desire to see change happen and make it a reality. Click here for more information and to sign up so you can get the the skills, confidence and community to make a difference!

This year, the #S4CA has partnered with the Greener NHS team to bring you real examples of positive change that help the people who receive care, the staff who give care and our planet!

If you’re wondering what difference the #S4CA could make in your life, check out these posts from our incredible community of Change Agents who’ve taken part in School over the years…

We hope that these snippets from just some of our global School community have inspired you today!

To join, head to:

Horizons Highlights

The NHS Horizons team is so happy to welcome @ECSkelton to the team! Lizzie has is currently a student on the NHS Graduate Scheme and has began a two-month placement with the team.

We are very happy to have her join us!

A huge well done to @NinaJaspalCNP who has been doing some fantastic work on CPR workshops in the Sikh community.

Top picks from the world of improvement

What can healthcare systems learn from looking at tensions in innovation processes?

Find out from in this useful literature review shared by @HelenBevan. Click on the link in the tweet below!

Here is a wonderful graphic from @Happiness_hospital on Instagram of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but in relation to workplace engagement. This is a really useful resource that we can learn a lot from!

Leadership can come with huge burdens, how do we acknowledge and give support to the leaders in our organisations to help support them emotionally?

@HelenBevan has shared a great article which delved into this further, you can read it by clicking on the tweet below!

And finally…

Remember each little step counts! One small step is better than no steps at all <3

Thank you for reading this week’s edition of Socials of the Week. Have a fantastic week!

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