The Response To Nurse Vacancies Must Be Sustainable

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Originally published by Bev Matthews – 11th January 2019

Today my opinion piece on responding to nursing vacancies has been published in the Nursing Times. I’ve focused on the need to make sure, in the face of more than 40,000 vacancies, we are not overwhelmed by the sheer number and that we interpret solutions locally so that we all feel connected to it, and every one of us understands how we can make a contribution. 

The Nursing Now England campaign, which was launched on 10th December 2018 is key to this response as it’s an inclusive approach, where every nurse and student can get involved and make their contribution. We are working with ambassadors to develop partnerships across their local organisations, and strengthen the nursing voice. 

Ambassadors are taking part in 30 day challenges to build positive perceptions of the profession working with key partners. January’s 30 Day challenge, for example, asks ambassadors to talk to young people about our extraordinary career. Many are planning to visit schools, while others are planning activities within their local community. Some ambassadors have existing contacts, but many more have joined our partner Inspiring the Future – a charity builds connections between volunteers and schools and looks for people to talk about their career, giving every young person in state education the opportunity to be inspired and motivated. 

2019 is an exciting year for nursing as Nursing Now England continues to gather momentum and we look forward to working with Ruth May, our new Chief Nursing Officer for England as part of #teamCNO 

You can read the full Nursing Times article here