Change Starts With Me…and with Love Module 1 of The School for Change Agents

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Originally published by Leigh Kendall – 23rd May 2019

Being ‘Twitter Monitor’ for The School for Change Agents live webinars is a part of my job that gives me joy.  

This task gives me joy because I enjoy witnessing the reactions of our global School community. During the first webinar, I was certainly kept very busy with more than 400 tweets during the hour-long webinar (with many, many more afterwards too!). 

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Yesterday, I loved seeing people such as Beth Campbell saying they’d found their people.  

This is what The School for Change Agents is all about. It is about connectivism: the ability to make connections between people’s experiences, learning and knowledge. To build community, make friends and provide mutual support. 

Because we can’t be a change agent on our own. 

During the first webinar, it was a privilege to witness participants’ growing awareness that you don’t need to be in a position of hierarchical power to be able to influence change. 

Instead, we can use our informal influence, linking up with superconnectors to make change happen. I love seeing the glow (the joy is so apparent it manifests itself through Twitter!) when people realise they do have influence, after all. It’s about honing skills that individuals often already have; this is what The School for Change Agents seeks to achieve. 

This year, in addition to the six live modules, we also have excellent interactive modules on FutureLearn to complement your learning, help you reflect on how you might put it in to action, as well as connect with other change agents. 

Change starts with us, we ARE the change….and as the wonderful Avedis Donabedian says, the secret of quality is love. 

If you missed module 1, you can catch up with the recording. You can also view the slides.